17 August 2006

time flies

oh my! it has been awhile...

well let me give you an update:

been sick (head cold)
have not heard if my last two paeckchenzirkel packages have arrived (a few more dayas and then i will worry)
building the last show for the summer (the robber bridegroom)
still sick
almost done with summer camp at the theatre

and, oh yeh, preganant!

I could follow jewish superstition and not even bother to mention this until we are, at the very least, into the second trimester - but i am not one for superstition and we are almost there.
And let's not forget the morning, noon , and night-sickness! Which has made it very difficult to function in the heat or want to knit or sew.

I figured we have blabbed to just about everyone - and if we have missed someone, i am so sorry. I have tried to make all the phone calls and send all the e-mails and I am sure that we have missed somebody! So that is that! WE shall see how it goes.
Guess i'll have to change my profile now....


madhatter said...

reading this entry i don´t know if i should congratulate on your pregnancy or wait a little while longer until you´ve "seen how it goes"...

but after thinking a bit - CONGRATULATIONS!
the sickness will disappear and you´ll have the sweetest baby ever, just as all moms. wishing you only the best!

Theresa said...

Oh my, I didn't see that coming! Congratulations! Maybe it'll be twins - they're fun!
Take care or yourself and enjoy!

mangetsu said...

I knew it! You would have written about any other crazy stuff in an instant... schon wieder so ein Hase im Pfeffer ;-)
Alles Gute!!!

Marietta said...

@ theresa - Take that back!!!!!
@mangetsu - so that's what that means
@madhatter - thank you for the congrats! all will go well...my mother's psychic said so :) heh heh

futuregirl said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. :) Yay!

Anne-Caroline said...

Oh My Gosh! It seems like not that long ago we were talking about this at the Hard Times Cafe - YEAH! Congratulations! Sorry to hear about the sickness, but I hope you are feeling better.

(Wow, I almost missed this post - I went away for three weeks and was about to skip most of everyone's new posts so I could be caught up - Glad I didn't!)

Amelie said...

Congratulations, Marietta! I also half-expected the "Hase im Pfeffer" after that crazy stuff post ;-)
Best wishes for the coming months!!

Dove Knits said...